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Ready for an assembly, keynote, or workshop that really speaks to what your students are going through? 

Your students are future leaders, world changers, and planet shifters.

Natalie knows how to speak their language and reach their soul, creating lasting impact far beyond this week, month, or even year. 

“Natalie, all of the high schoolers love you!  You came to our school 6 months ago, and we were just talking about you yesterday in class!  They remember everything about your presentation.”

-Debbie Eubanks, Deer Valley High School



The Confidence Keynote is helping students all over the country uncover a grounded, soulful, unshakeable confidence that will shape the course of their lives.  This confidence will not only strengthen student leaders in their day-to-day interactions; it will help them navigate the hallways of their lives with complete clarity, determination, and truth.  Participants will be armed with the tools to let their voice be heard-  when it comes to standing up to peer pressure, making life choices, and most of the time, without saying a word at all. 


The Confidence Keynote is:

  • A crash course in true leadership
  • A wake up call to your students’ true nature and ability
  • A manual on how to stand up to peer pressure
  • Massive growth and awareness, packed into an hour-long assembly.


Through her quirky, charismatic style developed over 12 years as a youth speaker, Natalie is shifting perspectives and waking students up by helping them relate differently to their past and everything that has brought them to this moment.  She will give your students the strength to overcome the obstacles they have faced, and inspire them to courageously take steps forward.

The confidence keynote will bring your teens to a new understanding of what it means to be a leader; to others, and most importantly, to themselves. They will stand taller, filled with more purpose and understanding than ever before.

Audience: High school students, 9th grade and up. Student leadership groups.

“The speaker today was MAGNIFICENT.  She made a huge difference in my life.  THANK YOU for having her come in!”  

-Jackie, Los Angeles, CA



“Just Love Me Through This”–  5 little words that will rock your students and reshape the hallways of your school.  

5 little words that will change your life and relationships.

5 little words that are shaking up the world.

When tough stuff happens in life, we typically try to skip right to the mind, and live there – trying to find answers, make things make sense, and “logically” talk ourselves into change, or into “getting over it” and/ or moving on…   When we’ve skipped over a critical pillar to lasting change.  We’ve skipped over our hearts.

If you’re reading this, then you have already begun breaking out of the mold.  You are remembering that you are a HUMAN being; not just “male” or “female”.  You came pre-programmed with all the emotions, and as such, you’re remembering that we are meant to feel them all.

But how? How do we make the jump from our heads to our hearts?


The number one key to leadership?


The number one tool to create lasting change and growth?


Compassion for self, and for others.

Radical compassion is the bridge.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to own our feelings.  It’s time to feel it all. And love ourselves through it. 

Because when we love ourselves and others through whatever we’re feeling, doing, or going through it, we can do anything.  Literally.  We can change the world.

Just Love Me Through This is:

  • Compassion training for teachers and students
  • A crash course in simplicity and kindness
  • A new pair of glasses through which to view the world
  • A reframing of the relationship you have with the person in the mirror.
  • Massive truth and understanding, packed into an hour-long assembly.


Audience: High school students, 9th grade and up. Student leadership groups.  Educators and administrators.  Any and all human beings.

“Your talk was amazing. It really got to me and opened my eyes. It made me look at life in a different way.” 

-Dean, Gilbert High School, AZ



Do you know the REAL reason teens say yes to drugs, alcohol, and sway to peer pressure? 

It’s not because they don’t know the effects these substances or choices can have on their lives.  It’s because they’ve forgotten who they are… it’s because their inner guidance system (inner GPS as Natalie calls it), has been drowned out.  Drowned out by other people’s opinions, by the pressures of everyday life, and by traumatic life events that have happened that might not have been part of the “plan”. 

Natalie’s presence will serve as a wake-up call to your leaders in hiding, to your dreamers who are discouraged by the state of the world, and to the world changers who have forgotten who they are and why they’re here.  She will help them identify their true passion, self, and direction, and remember that THEY are the answer.  No matter what the question.

ID’s, Please is:

  • A wake up call
  • An anti-drug / anti-alcohol & positive choices assembly / keynote
  • A remembrance of your Inner GPS and which way it’s pointing (and a recalibration if need be!)
  • A crash course in identity and self-realization.
  • Perfect for pre-prom, Red Ribbon Week, and school year kickoffs


Audience: High school students, 9th grade and up. Student leadership groups.

“Natalie is actually talking about tough, real issues! Students NEED this!” 

-Dennis Gable, Host Team Pastor, Life Church, Oklahoma City, OK


(formerly known as ‘My Heart Is In the Green Zone’)

A hands – on demonstration of what it takes to create a culture of radical compassion, and a “safe” place for others and yourself. 

Perfect for student leaders, the Heart Strengthener Workshop teaches new ways to show up as a rockstar in all your relationships. Applicable to romantic relationships, friendships, parent/child and student/teacher relationships, and pretty much every situation you can think of that involves interacting with another human, this workshop will shift how you see and communicate with others, from the moment you walk out the door.

Audience: High school students, 9th grade and up. Student leadership groups. Ask for more info about adding this workshop onto your program!   

Please allow an additional 45 minutes for facilitation of this workshop. 

“I LOVED this workshop!  It was my favorite at conference, and made me realize so many things!”