With over a decade experience working with teens, Natalie knows how to speak to what your students are really going through, and reach them in a way they won’t soon forget. 

If you’re looking for a speaker that will motivate, inspire, and deepen your students’ connection to themselves and others, hire Natalie today. 

"The speaker today was MAGNIFICENT.  She made a huge difference in my life.   THANK YOU for having her come in!"

-Jackie, Los Angeles, CA

Through her quirky, charismatic style developed over 12 years as a youth speaker, Natalie is shifting perspectives and waking students up by helping them relate differently to their past and everything that has brought them to this moment.  She will give your students the strength to overcome the obstacles they have faced, and inspire them to courageously take steps forward.

Hey! I’m Natalie. 

I’ve been a youth speaker and trainer since 2004.

For the first 10 years of my career, you probably knew me as the sexual assault speaker. I created the “Pretty Feisty” movement, and traveled the country, speaking about one night of my life, and how it changed my life forever.

While I will be forever grateful for the people I’ve met and the movement we created,

Now, it’s time to write a new story.   Because we are so much more than the things that happen to us.

While the things we go through are important – I believe it’s more important to focus on WHO we are becoming underneath it all.  It’s time to stop focusing on the labels people put on our lives – and focus on the qualities we know we have, no matter what life may bring.

I’ve created trainings on

– Leadership

– Motivation

– Compassion

– Confidence

– Overcoming your past

– Peer pressure / anti-drug / anti-alcohol


– Growth & positivity. 

Check out my programs and trainings HERE.

While the things we go through will forever be part of our stories,

The ultimate truth is who we are underneath those stories. Underneath the “stuff”.

And sometimes, the higher our calling in life, the harder the stuff is that we have to go through…

It’s all happening FOR us- in order to rise, in order to discover WHO we really are, and to uncover a confidence in ourselves that cannot be shaken. So let’s do this.

To all you future leaders, planet shifters, and world changers,

I see you.

I know you.

It’s time. 


“When you came to BHS, that was an amazing motivational speech. I walked out those doors brand new!” 

-Jo B., Kansas City, MO

“You truly opened my eyes up on a lot of things about myself, I completely came out of my comfort zone this weekend and you were part of the reason for it!! Thank you!!”

Tayte M., Muncie, IN