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it’s time to wake up.

Natalie Ehmka

Youth Motivational Speaker.

Transformational Life Coach.

Millennial Leader.

Through her coaching, speaking, programs, and workshops, Natalie has helped tens of thousands of people wake up to their choices, their greatness, and to the awareness that there is more to life than just your present circumstances.  And there IS a way to create the life you know you’re meant to lead.

It’s time to wake up.

Your calling is calling.

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– Overcoming Your Past

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– Creating Healthy Relationships

– Growth and Positive Choices

“Meeting you was one of the best experiences of my life!

You inspire me so much!”

-Kat R., Sophomore, Walden, VT

“Natalie, all of the high schoolers love you!  You came to our school 6 months ago, and we were just talking about you yesterday in class!  They remember everything about your presentation.”

-Debbie Eubanks, Deer Valley High School

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